Be me>be 1909>live in the coastal town of Jaffa>bunch of kikes settle next to...


be me
be 1909
live in the coastal town of Jaffa
bunch of kikes settle next to me, call their place Tel Aviv
what the fuck, they'll fail in two years


be 1917
the British are approaching
what the fuck, the Turks were pretty bad
they give my land to the kikes
set up a Palestine Mandate instead of an Arab state like they promised us
more and more kikes come and they get their own private army and shit


be 1936
the kikes are flooding in
they say they're running from Hitler
Hitler looks pretty nice, wants to gas the kikes
the British say they will let all the kikes in
we've had enough
the kikes shoot my husband and my son
the British finally say they will limit immigration


be 1939
the kikes start a war against Hitler
kikes enlist in huge numbers
meanwhile rumors come that Hitler is gassing the kikes
turns out the kikes made that up themselves and that the kikes are actually going to vacation camp


be 1942
Rommel is coming
make bets and hold parties when he takes a city
gets defeated before he can come here and save us


be 1945
Hitler has gone on the ultimate voyage
the kikes come in by the millions
the British arrest them all
they come in by any means possible, true to their name


be 1948
the kikes have a private army and basically their own country
listen to the radio on a calm Friday evening
the kikes have made their own country called Israel
artillery starts exploding in the distance
the Egyptians come and save us just in time
they are beaten back by the kikes after a few months
hear rumors that the kikes are torturing Arabs
get moving and settle in Jericho with a large family


be 1967
the kikes have attacked yet again
worry that the same thing that happened in 1948 will happen again
get my ass moving into Jordan
later find out that the kikes froze our bank accounts and other possessions like 1948


be 1982
sleep in a Palestinian refugee camp in South Lebanon
the kikes are just a few miles to the south
my grandson left a few hours ago, said he wanted revenge
hear tanks in the background
1948 and 1967 come back
run north
kikes have sealed the area off, shooting anything that moves
try to hide but get wrested to the ground
"Your son, Achmed, blew up a military intelligence bureau."
get dragged out
get sent to military hospital when they see how old and weak I am
die the next day





Oy Gevalt

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